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Alex Speas

Alex has been with Results Gym since 2015.  She currently teaches several formats including Cycling, HIIT, RIPPED & she recently got certified in StepIt.


Alex has been married to her husband Ben for 12 years.  She has 2 handsome boys Boston & Beckham, along with a naughty but very cute huskie dog for their pet.

Alex was a Cheerleader in High School and always enjoyed conditioning. After school she spent several years as a Dental assistant before she ended up moving to Tremonton where she found a love for teaching Group Fitness.  Alex is passionate about group fitness and CrossFit and the energy it brings from teaching.  She enjoys spending time helping others and motivating them to achieve their personal goals.  Alex has competed in several CrossFit competitions that helps her continue to grow as an athlete.  She also loves staying active outside the gym which includes hiking, running, and boating most summer weekends with her family.

One of Alex’s most fulfilling moments would be becoming a mom of 2.  She has a boy Boston who is Autistic, and it has taught her patience and a lot of understanding and she loves spending time with her boys.

Check the current schedule to see when you can join Alex for one of her amazing classes.

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