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Ariel is one of our newer instructors just starting to teach classes this fall of 2022.  She is certified in High Fitness & Sculpt.

Ariel has been married 8 years to her husband Jourdan and they have 3 kids Boston, Jensen, & Eden. Ariel has been an athlete her whole life.  She has taught and coached cheer for several years.  Ariel loves working out, clothes, fashion, hair – all the girly things!  She also loves spending time with her family and being in the water.  Baking and planning parties for her kids is another one of her great joys along with being a DIY queen… she enjoys the challenge of trying to make something before she buys it.  Ariel is passionate about group fitness, she always values family, being honest and believes being disciplined with your habits and yourself is the best form of self-love.

Ariel Tidwell

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