• What has Changed since Covid 19?  We have always tried to be as clean and as germ free as possible but since Covid we have increased our cleaning efforts. Our members are asked to do a good equipment wipe down and be mindful of what they touch in public and clean accordingly. Our members happiness and safety has been our #1 priority and always will be.

  • Do I have to wear a mask, are they mandatory?  No, we are still America and you have God given rights that no man can take away. We do have members that wear them and that is their choice. Be smart about your hands in public and use common sense. 

  • Can I pay for only one day to workout?  Yes our Gym day rate is $8 

  • Can I buy a Punch Pass just for Classes?  Yes, its $55 + tax for 12 visits. Expires in 1 year

  • Can I now use a Key tag with my Punch Pass?  Yes, Its required now and it gives you 24 Hour access with your punch pass

  • Do you have Membership Options?  Yes, we have a variety, Youth, Senior, Day, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Punch Pass & Corporate Plans. Call for more details or stop in for a tour

  • Can someone help me get started?  Yes, We help members everyday. Schedule a Orientation to get a private tour and get familiar with our equipment, also most equipment has Info cards

  • Does Results offer Personal Training?  We try our best to help you feel comfortable and help everyone at no cost. We can answer questions about different exercise and help you set eating goals. Download a program on your phone and follow the routine, most are free! 

  • Can I bring my son or daughter in after hours while I workout?  No, your children's safety is our #1 priority. We cant have any kids after hours or members kids past the double doors 

  • Can I add my spouse to my plan?  Yes, a spouse add on is $24 plus tax contracted and $30 per month non contracted.

  • Can I use a friends key card to come workout?  No, you need to have your own membership. Its like using someone insurance card or drivers license. If you are interested in coming to Results you need to see the desk or call 435-257-3333

  • Do Group Classes cost Extra?  No over 30 group classes a week are included included in all Gym memberships! 

  • Does the vending machine take Credit cards or Apple Pay or Android Pay?  Yes our machine will take all of those options! 

  • Do you offer Police, Fire Department or Military Discounts?  Yes we do offer 25% off as a small thank you for there past and present service. Must have ID to get the discount. (Discounts don't apply to already discounted plans)

  • Do you offer Teacher Discounts?  Yes 25% savings for teachers. (Discounts don't apply to already discounted plans) Must have a ID to get any discount

  • Do you offer IHC employee's any discounts?  Yes we do, we have a 10% discount off main gym plans for IHC employee's 

  • Do you offer Cash Discounts for Paid in Full Plans?  Yes we do have a 6 and 12 month Cash paid in full option. Paying in cash you will get a 20% discount over the regular price. 

  • Do you offer Discounts for Paid in Full Plans?  Yes we do have a 6 and 12 month paid in full option with a Credit Card. The discount is 10% Off the normal price. The best discounts are paid in Cash. 

Biggest, Best Parking Gym in Town, Stop in and see us if your new to Tremonton. 

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