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Yessica Young

Yessica just started teaching with Results Gym at the beginning of 2022. But has been an instructor since 2018.  She teaches several formats including High Fitness, Upbeat Barre, Senior Fit and recently certified in HiYo & HiLo.

Yessica has been married for 8 years to her amazing husband Jason.  Together they have 3 beautiful little girls, Rose, Natalia & Raquel.


Yessica was a stay-at-home mom to 4-month-old Rose when she found herself struggling with depression after having a beautiful perfect baby.  The moment she walked into her first High Fitness Class and the music turned on she felt a spark light up in her and knew this was what she was missing in her life. High Fitness helped her gain confidence, believe in herself, and build lasting friendships. One of Yessica’s love languages is food.  She enjoys cooking it, sharing it, and eating it.  She also enjoys crafting, sewing bows, and making bracelets.  One of Yessica’s passions is to make people smile and make those around her feel included and feel like they belong. She is very passionate about showing up as YOU! LIVE NOW.  Besides group classes, Yessica also enjoys running and being a part of fundraisers and community events.

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